Mayhs OPD Benefit Plan


  • Consultation Charges : Unlimited
  • Prescribed Drugs Limit : Sum of ₹5000
  • Pathology Tests Coverage: Sum of ₹5000



  • Consultation Charges : Unlimited cover for consultations charges upto ₹750 each visit.
  • Prescribed Drugs Expense: A Sum of ₹5000 for medicine expense during treatment in opd.
  • Pathology Tests Coverage: Sum of ₹5000 for defined tests of Heart functions, Liver functions, Kidney functions, Blood Sugar.

Who can apply

  • Resident of India
  • No Age bar
  • No pre-medical test required

Other benefits

  1. Tax Saving as per Govt of India
  2. Freedom to get treatment on any qualified MBBS doctor.
  3. Each illness covered.

Please Note

  • MBBS or Above Doctors are covered
  • All moneyback request are applicable for active membership card holder only.
  • Not applicable for Dental & fancy cosmetic treatments, hospitalization, No Coverage on Baba tantrik, Homeopathic, “Jhola chhap doctors” or similar in nature.
 To know more please read our Terms & Conditions and How it works.
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