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Rising healthcare costs and inadequate cover for out-patient treatment can erode your savings. Here’s a cost-effective alternative

Everyone wants the health plan to pay for their OPD treatment. Healthcare costs are going through the roof and there are gaps in your health plan since even a comprehensive policy will not pay for a tooth filling or a broken finger. Besides, the cost of dental treatment, diagnostic tests, periodic doctor consultation, medicines and medical expense, which are usually out-of-the-pocket expenses, can burn a hole in your pocket. Still, are you willing to pay 20,000 more every year towards your health policy to get an additional OPD (out-patient department) benefit of just 17,000? This is where health cards come in as a better alternative.

To cover you all unwanted medical expenses through MyHealthGain OPD card launched by Root India Healthcare Ltd. Please visit product section, select plan as per your need and get rid of OPD expenses through the year.