It is time to buy OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan if you still haven’t got one! On the occasion of this World Health Day, we bring to you the need to have OPD protection a basic gateway to avoid hospitalizations. Sanskriti Singh @rootcare

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OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan is an important financial tool that helps in dealing with unwanted medical expenses and beating the impact of health care inflation on your wallet.  It is an OPD protection you must have in your portfolio. The earlier you buy a health cover, additional requirement and the better it is for you.

When you are younger, having a health OPD benefit cover ensures that you do not have to dip into your savings and disrupt your financial goals in case of non-hospitalizations. “It is an individual decision to be taken after considering several factors such as your and family’s medical history, your lifestyle, the cost of healthcare in your city, the inflation, as well as the plan-policy features you require...

Why Liver Transplant is necessary ? Reason for liver transplant in children & Adults

Liver transplantation is necessary when the liver functions are damaged beyond the body’s capacity to regenerate. In children and adults with liver failure due to long standing liver disease, primary liver tumors or generalized diseases, a liver transplantation may be potentially curative. 1-7

The reasons for liver transplant again vary with the patient’s age and severity of the disease.

Reasons for liver transplants in children

In children, a common reason for liver transplantation is biliary atresia in which the bile ducts that transport the bile from the liver to the gall bladder and help in digestion are under developed. In the initial few months of life a reconstructive surgery may be undertaken to correct this condition...

Is stem cell therapy useful? Results are very much satisfactory as per the Researchers. Miracle Treatments

Why Stem Cell Therapy?

Clinical research recommendation stem cell therapy benefits have been grown dramatically in recent decades. The most promising thing about stem cell therapy — and similar prolotherapy treatments including PRP — is that they offer relief for patients with chronic pain and difficult-to-heal injuries, all without medications or risky reconstructive surgeries. These days, researchers are also uncovering ways to apply stem cell treatments. This is best for common chronic conditions such as Vision improvement, heart disease, neuro-degenerative diseases, diabetes and so on.

Most Helpful?

The most common use of stem cell treatments in prolotherapy is managing pain...

How much will a private (doctor) consultant charge to see me? "Find out about the range of fees that private medical consultants charge for their consultations"

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Visiting a consultant is the most important stage of your private medical out-patient treatment. They are the person who will diagnose your seasonal condition and decide on the most effective way of treatment. Sometime your Doctor will write a letter referring you to the next consultant. Briefing their reasons for requesting the appointment, but it is the consultant who makes the final diagnosis.

Normally, Consultants are the top level of specialist doctors and it takes around nine years to make the grade, after graduating from a 5-years medical MBBS course. Naturally, at this point in their careers, these doctors are very well trained and highly experienced. And their salary and private fees reflect this.

Typical charges for a private consultant

A typical consultant appointment charges ...

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting a Medical OPD Health Plan Most people get treatments in without getting hospitalized. First of check whether your existing health plan provide you such coverage to cover the expense of out-patient billing services.

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The health landscape can be tricky to navigate. Here’s a start-to-finish guide to choosing the best plan for you and your family, whether it’s through the federal marketplace or an employer.

Step 1: Find your Out Patient coverage

Most people get treatments in without getting hospitalized. First of check whether your existing health plan provide you such coverage to cover the expense of out-patient billing services.

In India normally, insurance plan provides such options but they cost you more for that. So check whether it’s ready to use for the followings:

  1. Pre – Existing Conditions
  2. No Waiting period required
  3. Age bar for premium increasing
  4. Maternity Coverage
  5. Huge Paperwork
  6. Big hidden terms & conditions
  7. OPD at your choice of Doctor

If all above mentioned points are there then you m...

Why do you select out patient benefit card? Major difference between Insurance Health plan and Medical out-patient benefit card


More and more medical procedures are being offered in qualified outpatient service.

Outpatient services are offered in many level. For instance, medical company often provide various types of outpatient services, such as pain clinics and or rehabilitation centre. Other types of outpatient facilities include:

  • Medical group practices.
  • Outpatient clinics at hospitals or other medical facilities.
  • Surgery centers.
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Mental or behavioral health centers, which may provide substance abuse-treatment services and mental health services for adults or children.
  • Gastrointestinal center, which provides screening or other services such as colonoscopy and endoscopy.
  • Durable medical equipment rental facilities.
  • Physical therapy centers.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Many o...

Get free condoms at your doorstep! Claim free condoms now if you live in SAARC, African, Middle East Countries.

Love it free & get it free!

Image result for condom picturesRIHL (Root India Healthcare Ltd) has started a Free Condom Online Store in India to curb the spread of HIV in the country. According to the statistics, India has the third highest number of infected people. This new RIH store will deliver condoms at the doorstep, cutting down the taboo around buying one from a store.

About India

In India, an estimated 2.1 million people are HIV positive and these numbers are despite Indian government’s hardcore efforts to control the spread. So, RIHL came up with this idea of creating a shop that delivers condoms to the doorstep. With this, they are hoping that people won’t face the awkwardness of going to a pharmacy to buy one and in turn more and more people will practice safe sex.
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Management speaks, RIHL’s programme director...

Get unlimited medical funds to use on various doctor’s fee for treatment. If you might pay nominal for health care if you put away your insurance card.

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If you might pay nominal for health care if you put away your insurance card.

Like most of us, you probably think your insurance health card gives you access to better prices. But that is not always true.root india health banner

How do you find out? It takes a little bit of work. But when you’re done, you’ll know more about healthcare and insurance – whether you’re an individual looking for a simple doctor consultations for a sore-throat or similar in nature, whether you’re facing to beat back existing illness.

And with the confusion in India over the future of healthcare in this country, we will all need to take ownership of issues we previously left to the insurer and the doctor.

Here’s an example:

A patient in New Delhi was asked to pay ₹ 500 for each doctor visit since he was coming for treatment ...

Smoking: causes damage to almost every organ in the body and is directly responsible for a number of diseases.

Every year, more than 9080,000 people die in the Globally due to tobacco-related diseases. That is around 1 in 5 of all deaths in the U.S. annually. It is estimated that 1 out of 2 smokers will die from a smoking-related disease.

Smoking causes more deaths in the U.S. each year than the following combined:

  • Alcohol use
  • firearm-related incidents
  • HIV
  • illegal drug use
  • motor vehicle incidents

Smoking shortens the life of a male by about 12 years and the life of a female by around 11 years.

Two poisons in tobacco that affect peoples’ health are:Image result for smoking lungs pictures

  • Carbon monoxide is found in car exhaust fumes and is fatal in large doses. It replaces oxygen in the blood and starves organs of oxygen and stops them being able to function properly.
  • Taris a sticky, brown substance that coats the lungs and aff...

Donate for Flood affected people Your little support will save a life who has no food to survive...


People of North East need our help even after floods.

Over the past week, torrential monsoon rains and floods have continued to affect Assam and Gujarat states. Since 19 July, two major floods affected 29 districts in Assam causing severe damage to houses and agricultural land. Over 165,000 people have been affected, with 76 deaths reported. In Gujarat, 94 people have reportedly been killed. As of 28 July, Gujarat State authorities are providing assistance to 18,000 people inside relief camps, while 58 relief camps in Assam are serving 11,600 people. The Indian Armed Forces and civil society organizations are supporting the Government-led response. No international assistance has been requested.

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Root India Supporting

Root India Healthcare is working on rehabilitation and rebuilding lives...

This plan is not insurance scheme offerings & not the medicare prescription drug plan